Sunday, May 24, 2015

Summer Experiment

It's no secret if you've known me long that in May I dread summer. Trying to keep three active boys occupied, away from screens, while keeping my sanity sounds like a daunting task. But every August, I look back and think I wish I could do the summer over. I missed so many opportunities to make memories, to have meaning. The summer flies by and I wonder where it went.

So, I am going to try an experiment this summer. I am really going to try to have at least one meaningful moment everyday. It might not take long. It might not look meaningful to you. But I will try to be present in a moment with one of my kids, with my hubby, by myself or with God. But I really want to make the effort to be in the moment.

I started yesterday. Little one and I made banana bread together. And then I took a walk with the dog, without any music. And today I invited the middle one to run a few errands with me. "Why?" he said. "Because I want to spend time with you." He smiled and turned off the video game and joined me. I really had to make the effort to have a conversation. We talked about how school ended, and friendships. It was meaningful. Of course at the grocery store he throws out, when its our turn to go on an errand with you, you should buy us something. Ha. He got a $1 drink. I can do that.

There has already been fighting and boredom, and its only the first weekend of summer. But maybe as my being meaningful muscle grows, I can come up other things to help them have meaningful summers too. That's my goal anyway. I'll keep you posted.

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