Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wake up call

This won't be one of those funny, uplifting blog entries today, but hopefully encouraging none the less.

I have been learning some lessons the last few weeks because of some sad, emotional things in my life. My paternal grandfather, Porter Crow, passed away a few weeks ago from cancer. He lived in Florda my whole life, so I only saw him maybe ten times. I didn't know him very well, but I've been reading entries that people have been writing about him in a online guest book, and he impacted the lives of so many people for the better. I know he had been turned off of organized religion many years ago, and I often wondered about his spiritual life. According to many of these people who have written, he was a strong man of faith who encouraged, uplifted, challenged and inspired many people. So I have been reminded to try to get to know people, their authentic person, because you may otherwise miss someone who could impact your life. And I have been reminded not to judge people's spirituality because of what I might see in very brief moments or heard through the grapevine. Only the Lord can judge a man's heart.

The other thing is very current. Jason's father, Wayne, had a massive heart attack yesterday. Jason is in Paris with his family, waiting until they are able to run some tests to see how bad it really is. He and Sandra were just here this last weekend, and we spent some wonderful time together at the beach in Galveston. As I was packing Jason's bag, I had a shocking thought. What was my last moment with Wayne while he was here? I had run an errand before they left, and I remembered that he had been taking a nap on the couch, but luckily, I woke him before I left to tell him goodbye and thank him for coming and I loved him. So, God willing everything will be fine, but at least I know that I had given him a big hug last time I saw him. Tell people that you love them whenever you can, because you just never know! Hug your parents, your spouse and your kids!

Please pray for Wayne, and I will keep you updated. Thanks for listening.

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