Monday, August 27, 2007

1st day of Kindergarden!

We had a great day! We found out last week that Cooper got Mrs. Kinsey, the teacher we wanted! She is a member of our church and that gives us a peace of mind. That may get awkward as he gets older, but for this year, its very comforting. So today we got up early, he made his bed (without asking)ate his pop tart in the car on the way, and we were waiting when the bell rang. He put his bag in his cubby, and walked right in. Mrs. Kinsey told him to come back and give us hugs, so he did. But then he was right back in the class ready to get on with it. Jason and I just looked at each other, like "now what?" It was all very anticlimactic. So off we went to church for the things we needed to do today.
When I picked up him up, he looked so happy, and tired! He's been very grumpy today. But all in all, I couldn't have asked for a better day. God is good. And I handled it all very well. Last night I had a thought. I preach to people how important the preschool years are for building the foundation for your children. Those years are over for him. And me. I hope we did a good job. Part of me thinks we could have done so much more. But if you have met Cooper, you know he is a wonderful child, smart, sweet, polite and caring. So what more could I ask for?

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