Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Summer Pictures

Cooper and Cade with their cousin Bishop Boutwell. Bishop is the son of my step-brother Stephen and his wife Erica. Stephen plays bass guitar for Joel Engle if any of you have heard him play.

Cooper and Jason with Uncle John. Jason did his first wedding this weekend for Uncle John and our new Aunt Jennifer. For those of you who think you have missed something, John lived with my parents for a couple of years after I was out of the house. He's my surrogate brother. The more the merrier!

My mom bought herself a Wii, and the boys think it is the funnest thing. I have enjoyed a few games of bowling myself. My mom and I stayed up last night and bowled 6 games together. My high was 244, and I became a pro bowler. Its a little addicting!

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