Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And the answer is...

I guess I could just change the color of the little counter over there, but that would give it away too easily and you wouldn't read my rambling thoughts on the matter.
First, let me explain where my mindset was when we went to the doctor yesterday. When we were deciding to have one more, Jason said if I was desperate for a girl, then we would adopt, because this was it. So I had to come to conclusion that it really didn't matter to me, I just wanted another baby. So then we get pregnant, and according to the Chinese fertility chart (sent to me by my mother) it would be a girl. Then everyone said it was a girl, they had dreams about my girl, I was much sicker this time around and was gaining weight at weird parts of my body, all signs that it was a girl. When people asked me, I said I really didn't care, it would almost be a relief if it was a boy. So we go to the doctor.
The technician starts looking and asked if we wanted to know the gender, we said yes, and two seconds later, she says, "here it comes, its a boy!", and my eyes fill up with tears and they start rolling down my face. She asked what we already had, and I could hardly get out, two boys. Now, if my husband hadn't been sitting next to me, I probably would have balled my eyes out. But I had sworn to him that I didn't care, which apparently was a lie. So I'm trying to collect myself while the lady keeps looking around, and suddenly I realize I am still crying, but more out of being overwhelmed that I am having a baby. There he was in all his glory, ten fingers, ten toes, four heart chambers, a beautiful spine, a perfect brain. So then the tears are out of guilt that I'm disappointed with a healthy baby boy, then joy that I have a healthy baby boy. By the end I was fine, very thrilled that he looks so perfect. Lots of emotions in a ten minute time frame.
We called the boys at Jason's parents first, and they were both excited. Cooper said "yeah, a third baseman!". Cade was half asleep, but seemed relieved. He had told me earlier he wanted a boy. They called us later with names. Cade wants "Thomas Gordan James", which if you don't get the Thomas the Train significance, sounds like a good name. Its better than Cooper who wants "Transformer Autobot".
Jason and I then took off to San Marcos to spend the night and do some shopping, which is why I'm just now updating the blog. It looks like at least 40 people must have checked it, or less people more than one time. I would be fine until we went into a kids store, and when I saw the cute dresses and shoes, I would have a pang in my heart. But I was laying in bed last night, not able to sleep, and realized what a privilege it is that God has entrusted us to raise three men, to hopefully be Godly husbands, fathers and servants. That is a huge responsibility. And quite an honor. I am thankful.


ashley said...

Praise God - He alone knows what's best... and honestly, it does disappoint when it's not what we think is best! (and why is that - when truly we want Him to be in charge because we know we can't handle life by ourselves?) Love you and am excited for you!!!

Elizabeth said...

Another boy! That will make your life easier to have all the same gender. Chris would like to try for a boy again but this is the wrong time to ask if I want another one.

Christy said...

Thanks girls. I kept checking to see if you had commented yet. I am doing much better. I'm glad we found out during Spring Break so when I go back to school next week I can honestly be excited about my 3 sweet boys. My other two have been gone all week and I have realized how much I miss them and their boyness! I am glad to not have to deal with girl drama! I'm sure you can both handle it better than I could!

ashley said...

oh, the drama - and it is true... drama, drama, drama. that's my fear in trying for a third (IF we ever do) is that i would have another girl!

Douglas said...

I know it says Douglas, but it is me, Sarah.
I am excited about another Gadman boy. Surely, Grace will marry one of your boys!!!
So, in my random late night thoughts, lets think about all the great three's.
My 3 sons
3 men and a baby
3 tenors
An 80's memory: Boys 2 Men (3 guys)
The trinity
Sandy would be proud: a triangle- 3 sides, it is the most durable shape possible, the only "perfect" figure which if all endpoints have hinges will never change its shape unless the sides themselves are bent. (I didn't come up with that on my own.)
How appropriate for the season: Jesus rose on the 3rd day
3 gifts from the kings to Jesus
3 patriarchs
3 festivals
I could go on but I think you are following me! Wow, the perfect number 3, God is really great like that. I am so happy for you! I did think that Jason deserved a girl, wink wink, but God is merciful! You are such an awesome mom to your boys. There is something about a mom and her sons! Nothing can compare!!!!
And now the precious boys that will become the godly men that I know they will become all because of the ferverent prayer of a mother. There is something so special about this 3rd Gadman boy--so special that a girl couldn't do what God has planned for this sweet new spirit. Who do you think he is going to lead to the Lord? Just thoughts. . . I love you sis!