Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good quote...

I pulled out my Women's Devotional Bible that I received for high school graduation from a sweet family I babysat for the other day, and read this.
"Homemaking is unique in combining the most menial jobs with the most meaningful tasks: it is a challenge to accomodate others without losing one's own identity: it is a demanding pursuit, but the fringe benefits are terrific." pg. 697. So true. Its those menial tasks that you feel like you do one day only to have to do them again the next day that drive me crazy! My children are getting old enough to help, which is some ways is great, and some ways, is harder because it takes longer. I found something that motivates me a little when I don't want to clean up. I take before and after pictures on my digital camera. It makes me feel so good to see the difference. And I can show them to my husband when he gets home since by that time you can't tell I did anything!

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