Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Not much going on...

Well, not much going on worth posting about. We had one of those weeks last week where we had something every night. We also started the process of putting in our new laminate wood floors. Jason and some dear friends have been taking up the ceramic tile (awful) and last weekend got almost all of the floors put in. They will hopefully finish this weekend. The floors are beautiful! But everything is so dusty and the dining room furniture is in the playroom, and for a few days the kitchen table was in the den. Now that the floors are in the kitchen, our kitchen cabinets and our table and chairs look gross and really old. Hopefully my mom and I can speed up the process of painting the cabinets. I was thinking we would wait until after the baby comes, but I don't want to wait that long now. I will post some pictures soon.
We had another Collide service this weekend. It went well, but the crowd was slim. Its very frustrating knowing that its something that is needed, but people aren't coming.
Baby is good. He doesn't have a name yet. Any opinions on "Calin"? Jason likes "Carlin" but I don't like the "r" sound. Cooper really doesn't mention the baby, but Cade talks about him all the time, how he is going to love him, take care of him, teach him things. It is so cute! He is my loving child. I am very thankful for him.
And for the second pregnancy in a row, I am having major dental work done. Why I wait until I'm pregnant, I don't know. But its not fun. When I went last week, and the dentist poked me with the needle to deaden me, I started crying and couldn't stop! I have never cried at the dentist! They were worried about me, but I tried to explain through my tears, it was way more pregnancy crying than actual pain. Very embarrassing! So I've been on antibiotics and tylenol for a week, and I go back tomorrow for part 2. Hopefully I can control my emotions better.

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ashley said...

you've got to get dental work done at a different time! if i didn't have a dental hygienist for a mom, i'd never get it done:) i like Carlin... and Calin. How about Collin? Just throwing that out there. We're just as busy. Somehow, it just happens that way:)