Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Campbell's first sickness

Well, we made it 3 1/2 months before getting sick. He just has a little cold, but as many of you may have experienced, when the baby gets the phlegm down in their tummys, sometimes it comes back up after they eat. So I have been the recipient of projectile vomiting twice today. Fun, fun. We are at my mom's, so I least I have some reinforcement and support.

Astronaut Shane emailed Jason today, from space! How cool is that! And he sent a picture of himself with the Addison Road CD floating next to him. So cool!

Christy's Picks of the Week- I bought the new Jeremy Camp CD that came out today, and the Casting Crowns Christmas CD today for $7.99 each because I am a preferred customer at Lifeway. I am not quite sure why I am a preferred customer, I don't spend that much there and I'm sure they have forgotten that I endured working there from 93-95 and again in 99. I do think I deserve the title of preferred customer. Anyway, both of the CD's are great! I highly recommend them. Break out the Christmas music!


debiachi said...

Hi! I'm Jenny's mom (Addison Road) and I sure would love to get a copy of that pic from space. Any chance you could e-mail it to me?

debiachi said...

Jenny has always loved leading worship at your church. She's home for Thanksgiving, and I would love to print and frame that picture for her.