Thursday, November 18, 2010

My fabulous day!

Disclaimer: I am in no way tooting my horn by this blog post. To God be the glory for my day, I just want to testify about the joy of serving!

I had a marvolous, fabulous, awesome, worshipful day today and wanted to share! First know that my hubby has been out of town helping a friend, and since I not only let him go, but encouraged him to leave me with 3 boys by myself, I was serving that friend too! This morning, I brought some pantry items to donate to a fellow teacher who broke her shoulder. Then I moved all of the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes gathered by our weekday preschoolers down to the chapel and was able to talk to them about the blessing they are to children around the world. One little boy put his box on the pile and said, "I feel so happy!". It was so sweet! I love singing with them and when I'm talking, I love when I can tell they are really listening! That's a bonus with preschoolers. Then I moved all the boxes back down to the preschool hallway and went home for a few minutes.

While home, I called my sweet Pawpaw and told him hi. It made his day! I also wrote a letter and found a CD to give to another teacher who is struggling with marriage issues and took them back to school to give her. I packed all the shoe boxes up and Mr. Fausto helped load them in my van. I was excited because yesterday we had 18 and today we loaded up 62! My parents came thru! I took them to Sagemont and dropped them off. So on the way home, I have Chris Tomlin's new CD in, which on a side note is amazing, and I was just praising God for His opportunities to serve other people in His name. It was only lunch time and He had provided so many ways to help people, and the feeling of working like that for Him is such a rush! Our family verse this week is Proverbs 11:25, "A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." I gave that to the boys before we went to buy stuff for our shoe boxes, and it seemed to help their selfish attitudes while shopping. But its so true! I was so refreshed today from refreshing other people. Again, I'm not saying that I am great, and believe me, most days, I am too selfish to take advantage of the opportunities that He puts in front of me to help others. Sometimes its out of fear or laziness or pride, but for today, I was willing and unselfish. At least until I was ready to eat lunch.

To reward myself (see a problem there?) I went to Sonic and spent more than I had in cash, so I had to put it on the debit card, and their machine messed up and I figured out when I got home they had charged me 6 times for a chicken strip lunch. Their chicken strips are good, but not $30 worth! So by the time I had called them and the bank, my lunch was cold. I was journaling later, and got convicted about rewarding myself for serving. And I had heard that little voice telling me to go home and eat peanut butter and jelly, but I ignored it. So, it was a marvelous, wonderful God gifted day, but I am a sinner, saved by grace, who still makes it about me sometimes.

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