Saturday, November 27, 2010

My son met his hero...

Well, actually, he met his hero's dad. Cade LOVES Billy the Exterminator. I got him started on it only because its filmed in Shreveport, so I like seeing stuff from home. But Cade will watch it for hours on end. He made himself a Vexcon truck, and made empty bottles into his pyrethren bug spray. So this week we decided to drive out to Benton to see their shop. And when we pulled in, someone was trying to pull out. But when we stopped and got out, he stopped and got out, and it was Big Bill, Billy's Dad! He introduced himself to Cade and took a picture with him and even went inside and got Cade an autographed picture of Billy. As emotional as Cade is when he thinks he has been hurt (picture screaming and gnashing of teeth) when he is excited, he just gets this big grin on his face. And this was the biggest grin I have ever seen on his face. SO CUTE and worth the drive! Thank you Big Bill!

Of course, the very next day, Cade is drawing something and labels it "Bad***" (fill in the blank). And where did he get that word? Billy! J and I go back and forth about letting him watch his most favorite show. When we tell him what words are bad, he's good about not saying them, but we don't catch them all because we can only take so much of Billy. Predicament!

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