Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Its the Little Things

As a way of trying to get myself out of the funk I've been in since the holidays, I've begun to treat myself in little ways. As a mom, I get worn out taking care of everyone else, and forget about myself. I don't do much, but sometimes its the little things that make me smile that can give me a burst of energy to get me through the day. Some examples...
Drinking a glass of ice water out of my Winnie the Pooh cup
Drinking Tea out of my grandmother's ceramic mugs
Painting my toe nails
Eating soup out of my blue and white ceramic bowls
Changing the smell in my Scentsy pot
Decorating this small table in the dining room for the month
Drinking an afternoon cup of coffee and reading the Word
Hugging one of my boys (sometimes against their will)
Vacuuming my den ;)
Reading a quick chapter from a book (or two or three)

What little things get you through the day?

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