Thursday, August 16, 2012

300th Post

I've been putting off writing this one because I was trying to come up with something meaningful and deep to be my 300th post, but its not going to happen. So just an update. That's about all I can handle this time around.

I don't take back my post on summer and how I wasn't looking forward to it, but maybe the Lord is laughing at me now that there is only a week left of summer and I don't know where it went and am not ready for it to be over. It has been the craziest, fastest summer that I can remember. VBS, my grandfather passing, my house flooding and Jason and Coop left for two weeks for London. The day they got back, football season started and our laid back summer was over, what there was of it. So in some sense I can't wait for school to start so I can have a few days to myself to rest, but in some ways I feel like my family never really had a summer, at least not together. My kids visited both sets of grandparents, more than once, and of course, Cooper had an amazing summer trip, but we didn't get to do much together. But it is what it is. We did go today all together to buy some school clothes, and I took a minute to really enjoy our lunch at the food court together. My kids are funny and fun to be with, so I guess its ok that we didn't take a summer vacation really and I didn't accomplish hardly anything on my summer goals list, but I just have to take in each moment that we have together and be thankful for them.

Other updates: Cooper is in the process of getting his mouth ready for braces on Sept. 4th. He had 4 baby teeth pulled yesterday, but seems to be doing fine with it. We got our foundation fixed on our house and have picked out a new vanity for the bathroom and new floors, but nothing has been installed yet or fixed, so we still have holes in the walls and concrete floors. I have had my first party for my new business with Trades of Hope. I just had a "guinea pig party" where I invited some close friends over to my construction zone of a house to hear my presentation and give me some feedback. It went really well and I'm excited to get started having some bigger parties. The big boys are both playing tackle football. They practice 6 days a week for the first 3 weeks and then games begin next Saturday. Cooper is doing great, practicing as quarterback but we'll see if that sticks. Cade is getting the hang of tackling, but its taking him awhile. I don't blame him, I don't want to get tackled either. Their select baseball teams both won the last tournaments they were in. So fun! And poor Campbell is just trying to keep up!

Speaking of, my sweet baby turned 4 last week. How did that happen!? Its so strange to be so relieved to not have a baby anymore and yet so sad to not have a baby anymore. I was fine the day of, but the night before he asked me to carry him to bed, and I realized it was the last time I was carrying a 3 year old to bed and I got a little choked up. He is getting so tall. He's really funny and smart, but he's also still more of a handful than the other two ever were. He's starting his last year of preschool. Craziness! I had a few people ask me last week if I was planning on holding him back before kindergarten. Have you met my child? He could probably start now except he would get in trouble all the time.

So one more full week before school starts, but with football, the house, orthodontics appointments, meet the teacher, etc, it doesn't look to be a relaxing one. But I will try to enjoy each moment the best I can.

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