Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another update...

Oooh boy, it has been a week here. I'm not really OCD about most things, but I do like to be organized and settled, especially when its the first week of school. But let me show you a video of our home this weekend, so maybe this is stage 2 of our redo?

Friday, some sweet ladies arrived and packed up my dining room and part of my kitchen (I have way too much stuff in that china cabinet!) The painters arrived on Saturday and painted most of the day while we were at two football games, and then came back Monday and Tuesday. Supposedly we are getting our floors on Thursday. I will take another video tomorrow so you can see the paint job and my new desk. I had  to pick a color for my bathroom and I knew I wanted blue, but its so hard to pick a color off of a little square. It looks great in the bathroom but I had them put the same blue on the bottom of the dining room walls and it looks hideous, but we'll have to fix it ourselves. That will come later. I am trying to take deep breaths and quote scriptures to myself about peace and contentment. Most moments that helps.

On top of that, check out what bad parents we are. Coop played in a select baseball tournament this weekend (who schedules a baseball tournament the weekend before school starts?) and it was supposed to be done early on Sunday, but because of the rain we had on Saturday, all the games were pushed back. His team played Sunday at 4, 6 and 8. We didn't get home until 10:30 and then had to have showers, so the night before the first day of school, my kids weren't in bed until 11. All of the moms were just shaking our heads, questioning our parenting skills, but what could we do? They won the tournament (they better have!) So here is a picture of my boys on the first day of school, 3rd and 5th grades, after not getting to bed until really late!

They don't look as tired as I know they were. I think they were running on adrenaline. They have had a great week so far though! Excited for their year. Hopefully things get finished soon at the house and we can get organized!

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