Thursday, December 20, 2012

Harried Christmas

For some reason, this has been the most hurried and harried Christmas I have experienced. I have been so overwhelmed and stressed about so many little things, mostly things that are out of my control. I have been depending on my own strength and energy, which doesn't go too far, instead of on God's. I have been worried and anxious about the unimportant things instead of sitting at Jesus' feet. I am not enjoying being a "Martha". Its tiring. I have missed so many opportunities to share Christ and his birth with my kids. I have looked at Christmas the way the world does instead of the way I should be as a believer, as a time of worshipping my Savior. And I have known all that in my head for a while, but have not done anything to fix it.

Today I read a quote from Chris Tomlin on Facebook. "The first Christmas gift ever given was worship. Still think it's the best gift we can give." In all its simplicity, it has made a huge change in me today. I have been trying to worship as I go through this busy day of volunteering, making Christmas gifts for my husbands staff, cleaning house for my son's birthday party tonight and a doctor's appointment thrown in. When I've caught myself having a panic moment, I have just said "I worship you Lord. For who you are, not what you have done for me, but who you are." And then I think of some things He is, faithful, patient, glorious, comforting, holy, etc. It has really helped to calm me down. And I have forced myself to sing Christmas carols with the radio. Somehow singing about Jesus has also brought me back to reality. All of the minor details that are stressing me out have no eternal significance. But how I turn my stress back to my Father and lay it at his throne might.

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