Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Championship Baseball!!!!

Cade is on the 9 year old NASA West All Star team and we knew when they were all picked it was a special team. Ten of them were on the All Star team last year and our two new additions are great players, including the best girl in little league baseball. We were excited! And it turned out we had reason to be.
Here are pics of how it all began back on Saturday, June 1st.

Yes, we won that game 31-0. It was painful for us to watch, even more for the other team's parents I'm sure. We won our next two games 10-0 and 16-6 which put us into the championship bracket. We had 3 days off and were afraid it would mess with our momentum and it did slightly. On June 7th we played Bayside and lost 6-1, mostly from errors we made from being unfocused and a little cocky I think. But it's a double elimination tournament, so we weren't done yet. The next night we played another hard team that we had thought was going to be hard to beat and knew a loss would end it for us, but we ended up beating them 13-0. So that brought us to the championship game against Bayside. They hadn't lost yet, so we would have to beat the team we lost to twice to win the title. No stress at all!
Game one was rained out, making those poor stressed out boys wait another night to play. Game one was Monday night and we won pretty easily 10-2 giving the boys a huge boost of confidence. Our best pitcher pitched the entire 6 innings, unheard of in 9 year old baseball. They can only pitch 75 pitches and his last pitch was number 75. Craziness!
So last night was game 2 for the district championship. We woke up to an email that one of our best hitters had a stomach bug and had been up all night sick so he was out. Oh dear! We flipped and were home team. At the end of the first inning, we were down 4-3. End of second inning, tied 4-4. Third inning was painful to watch, error after error, three of them from my kid. End of third, we are down 9-5. It looked hopeless, but those boys didn't quit and give up. They plugged away hit after hit. Top of 5th we were down 10-7 and entered the 6th and final inning TIED 10-10. I don't think I have even been that nervous for my kid and I can only imagine what those boys were feeling.
Bayside bats first and ends up scoring 1. We get up to bat down 11-10. That one run could lose it for us. After that I don't think I can remember everything. It was too crazy and nerve wracking. But it ended with us having a runner on 2nd and 3rd, we got a great hit and our runner came home to tie it at 11-11, the runner on 2nd base came home and got out at home. The batter was trying to get to third and got in a run down with the third baseman. The third baseman threw the ball to 2nd for the out and OVERTHREW the ball and it went out to the right field. Our runner ran home and the ball was thrown in from right field and by the skin of his teeth he was safe at home for the win 12-11!!!!!!! I had planned on trying to video the last play of the game but at the last minute decided I was too nervous and didn't want to miss experiencing it being behind the camera. But I wish I could resee it. The boys and coaches were in a dog pile, we were all screaming and jumping up and down the bleachers dangerously close to falling. So many other NASA players and coaches had come to watch and were cheering and screaming. It was one of the most exciting moments I can remember. I can't imagine the stress of parents whose kids make it to the Little League World Series. I don't know if I could watch. Here is the end of this leg of our journey.




We had to celebrate with a Sonic trip and we were all up until almost midnight because we were so wired. Cade wouldn't even take off his uniform to take a shower until 11:40.
Now we play sectionals. There are only 4 teams and its double elimination. The problem is two of the players, one of them mine, are supposed to be playing on the 9/10 team, first game Monday night. And two of the coaches, one of them my husband, are supposed to be coaching the 10/11 team, first game Monday night. And did I mention VBS starts Monday? So while I hope we continue our winning, it would be easier if we didn't. But we'll figure it out. I'm so excited for Cade and Jason to have this memory together. Such a great night!

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