Friday, June 28, 2013

Good Kind of Tired

After 4 months of regular season baseball, three post season tournaments, and 20 All Star games in 25 days, Little League is finally over for the year. Cade's 9 year old team lost the first two sectional games right away, so he only missed one of his 9/10 games. That simplifies that long story. Summary of the first game, we started it at 9:25 PM, stopped at 12:20AM tied and had to come back the next night to finish the game. Crazy! His second team went all the way to the championship game but lost. And Cooper's 11 year old team lost in the semi finals. So we brought home a gold, silver and bronze medal which is pretty exciting! The best my boys' teams have ever done in All Stars. But it was for sure exhausting for all of us. I was secretly wanting Cade's second team to lose so we didn't have to go to sectionals with them.

In the midst of All Stars we had VBS. I was the preschool director again, which I dearly love doing, but this year was really hard with baseball going on at the same time. We weren't getting home and in bed until after midnight most nights and then I had to be back at church bright and early. I was very thankful that we got Thursday night off from baseball games. I don't think I got out of bed that day once I got home from VBS. I knew ahead of time it would be tiring, and when I get that tired I usually have an emotional breakdown, so sure enough it happened during Cooper's Wednesday night game. I was feeling way too stressed and sleepy to sit still, so I had been walking around. Coop got up to pitch and ended up walking a run in and he started crying. So of course I lost it. I had to walk to bleachers on another field so no one saw me as I completely fell apart and cried for awhile. But then I was ok. I just needed that time to reboot I guess. VBS was a great week, the smoothest I can remember. We had recruited the best preschool leadership team that I can remember. That takes a huge load of stress off me! So thankful for them! I always think I'm going to lose weight during the week from stress, but when I eat a brownie every time I walk by a snack room, that doesn't happen!

We made it through VBS and to top off the week, while we were at Coop's Sunday night's game, I hear someone crying behind the bleachers and am pretty sure I recognize the cry. So I get up and as I come around the bleachers one of the older kids is bringing Campbell to me and says "he's bleeding." Thanks. Campbell tells me that he just "bonked" his head on a rail, but "my hands were still on the rail." Quick excuses. I should have known better. He has a big gash in the back of his head. Friends suddenly appeared from all over to come help me. I quickly moved the mob away from the field so hopefully my coach husband doesn't know what's going on. We get the bleeding stopped pretty quickly for a head gash, but one of the dads on the team used to be an ENT and tells me he's going to need stitches. So I have to decide if I'm going to leave the rest of the family there, carless, to fend for themselves while I take him to the ER or wait until the game is over. Have I mentioned its already after 10 at this point? When I had walked away we were losing 4-1, but when I came back we were losing 7-1. So yes, let's leave.

I take him to the ER and we didn't wait too long. But we were put in a room with a girl who had a sore throat and fever. Please stay on your side of the curtain. The doctor came in for all of 2 minutes to make sure he didn't have a concussion. Jason comes in at that point convinced I would need him to hold Campbell down while they stitched him up. But the nurse comes in, tells him to lay face down on the pillow, and that he will feel a sting. I turn my head because I don't want to see her sticking the needle in his head. I'm expecting to hear screaming, but instead I hear clicking sounds. I look back and she is putting four staples in his head! That kid never flinched, never whimpered, never shed a tear! I told him how brave he was and J says that's what got him in trouble in the first place. Apparently he got the real story after I left from the big boys who were hanging with him. He was sitting on top of a hand rail and said "look, no hands" and let go, and promptly fell backwards. Nice. I should have taken a picture of him that night with the bandage and tape wrapped around his head. Pulling the tape off his head the next day hurt worse than getting the staples. He gets them pulled out on Monday. Hopefully that is as painless.

So that's been our last few weeks. This week we have slept late, really late! I did nothing the first two days and then started cleaning because I couldn't stand my house that hadn't been cleaned in a month. And lots of laundry, clothes other than baseball uniforms. We are tired, but its the good kind of tired, where you have made lots of memories and done things that make you feel very fulfilled. We don't have any baseball until mid July so I am going to enjoy this time of rest! God is good!

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