Friday, April 04, 2014

Three months in... Things I Love

Three months ago today we moved into our new home in Mississippi. Overall we are still loving it here, so thankful for God's plan for us.

1. My house. Its about 99% done and unpacked. The rest can stay in boxes for awhile and I wouldn't miss it I'm sure. I love the details in our home. Its cozy and practical and beautiful and I'm happy here. I had a sweet friend come help me finish the master bedroom and I love it! I don't think I have ever loved my bedroom and thought it was decorated well. So excited about that.

2. Baseball. If you know the Gadman boys, we are a baseball loving family. I think the only thing we were heartbroken about leaving in Houston was our baseball family. They don't have official Little League here, only a rec league. And we knew that it wasn't as competitive as we were used to and most older boys play on select teams but we didn't have that option at first, so all three are playing in the rec league. Within a week of practices, Cooper was recruited for the Swamp Dogs, so there is team #4. And now Cade is trying out for a team, playing this weekend with them to make sure its a good fit. So there will be team #5 at the same time. Yes, five baseball teams at the same time. But aside from me not being in the routine of washing uniforms on time, we are handling it well and the boys are loving it. They needed to be needed, as we all do. They are making friends faster that way and need to be active. Sweet hubby, who said he was taking the spring off from coaching to get settled in his new job, because of some unforeseen circumstances, is now Cade's head coach. And don't let him fool you. He is thrilled about it. So aside from little one who hasn't gotten to play a game yet because of rain, baseball is making our household much happier!

3. Our neighborhood. We loved our neighborhood in Houston, but we lived on a busy street and really didn't feel comfortable letting the boys wander around. It was so cold and nasty here the first two months they didn't get out much. I was going to take them to the library a few weeks ago and went outside to get them from playing on our basketball goal, and there were 5 kids from the neighborhood playing in our driveway. I was so excited for them! Library can wait. New friends are way more important. Campbell has a best buddy from his class right across the street, and there are two more a few houses down. We have been told that during the summer, kids are all over the neighborhood. I can't wait!

4. Still completely in love with our church! I can't say enough about the power of God that we see, feel and experience weekly. So honored that He allowed us to come here. I am making friends working in childcare once a week, and going to a Bible study on Mondays. And my kids love going to church on Wednesday nights. Cooper and Jason went to Memphis over spring break with over 200 middle school students on a mission trip and had a great time. I am now volunteering on Sunday mornings in preschool which makes my heart happy. Cooper even helps in preschool with the sound and video for their worship time. God is opening some doors for some further service so we'll see where He takes us.

5. Our library. Yes, its a little smaller than the one we went to in Houston, but not much. And they have great stuff crammed in there!

6. Coffee. We have Seattle Drip coffee here. Its in little huts in parking lots. I love the Southern Pecan coffee and yesterday had a peanut butter iced frappe. Oh yes I did. And it was wonderful! The only Starbucks is inside the Target. But Seattle Drip has Bible verses on their windows and the sweetest girls working there, so I love it even more than Starbucks.

7. My free time. God is opening some doors for jobs for next school year, but for now I'm enjoying the time at home, running errands, trying to get my Trades of Hope business growing, keeping a clean house, not keeping up with washing baseball uniforms, spending some great time with the Lord. I'm feeling some creative juices flowing that I haven't had time for in a long time. I'm getting my camera out of the top of my closet and making some pictures plans. Now, if I could just get motivated to go exercise.

I do not love the lack of really good Tex Mex. Having major withdrawals from Gringos and Chuey's. Still do not love how early school starts. But those are small sacrifices to make for the good stuff. Although Tex Mex is a pretty big sacrifice!

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