Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Favorite Things... Tonight

1. I was having a pity party morning the other day, and my momma happened to call. And as momma's do, she wanted to make me feel better. So she transferred me some money to go treat myself to something fun. I fully intended to buy some clothes with it. I even went to a store, bought two things, but returned them the next day. Just wasn't feeling it. But yesterday I went by a friends house to pick up something, and she was in the middle of wrapping a wedding gift, and had the most adorable, awesome whisk. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? So today, I took myself to Belk and bought myself a new whisk. And hey, the whole line is half off. So I had to buy myself a new casserole dish because just the other day I went to make a casserole and realized my one good dish was sitting in the fridge with leftovers in it. So I NEEDED a new casserole dish, right? I LOVE them! And they made me happy, which was my momma's intention. But I got such a great deal that I still have some money left to go buy some clothes, if I can get in the mood.

2. McAlister's sweet tea... that's just all there is to say about that.

 3. Tomorrow is my middle angel's 10th birthday. Double digits! But he's already had his party (sleepover, that's another blog), he's already had cupcakes at school and a cookie cake at home, he's not getting any presents because he's going on a trip next week as his present and tomorrow is Easter. So I felt like I needed to do something fun to acknowledge the day. So I'm making these blue cupcakes with orange icing to take to our Easter lunch to celebrate my boy! How fun are these? They make them in four colors that you could stack into layers for a rainbow cake. If I was a better mother who planned ahead, that would have been really fun.

Ha ha! I put the blue cupcakes with orange icing in the red pretty dish, and I'm bringing them and the sweet tea to Easter lunch tomorrow. They are going to love me! ;)

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