Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer is here again...

I am about to get in the car to go pick up the boys from their last day of school. They get out at 10 AM, what is the point of that I don't know. They didn't want to go this morning, but I made them. One, because I'm a rule follower and two, because Momma wants my last three hours of peace before summer. Summer always scares me, trying to keep three energetic boys busy for months in the heat of the south without letting them sit for hours on end in front of the TV or computer. Of course, the summer always goes faster than I think it will and I wish it would last longer, so I need to remember that and take advantage of each day. Our neighbors say summers are fun here because the kids in the neighborhood just wander from house to house everyday. A new friend told me this week to always have popsicles in my freezer so the kids in the neighborhood want to come to your house. I bought popsicles yesterday.

J and I had lunch yesterday and were reminiscing that it seems in some ways that it was 20 years ago that we dropped them off for the first day of school. Its been a crazy year, moving in the middle of it and all. But I am so proud of how my boys have done adjusting here. They all did great grade wise and have made a few friends. All of my fears and worries about how the move would affect them did not happen (as is the case with most parent fears). We have had a few behavioral issues with little one, but I think that was 5 year old boy, not the move. And my emotional middle one got through his grieving stage. He went back a few weeks ago to visit friends and I was afraid he would be sad all over again. But in some ways I think it helped to have some closure and to come back to his new "home" and know he has friends here too. And Coop did fine having one more semester of elementary. He was a little bored but he did ok. The two things they miss about Houston are Westbrook and NASA baseball. Well, we all miss those things. But we are each day getting more settled and finding new things that are filling voids. God is good. And I am looking forward to summer in some ways. So, here we go. Ready or not!

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