Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gulf Shores

The boys and I went with a friend Michelle and her daughter Madison to their family's beach house in Gulf Shores, AL. We had a really great time, swimming, fishing, shopping, eating, and catching fun sea creatures like crabs, fish, frogs and snails. They have a great outlet mall that took up some time during the raining moments. If you ever visit there, don't eat at the Giggling Grouper, bad service and the food wasn't worth the price. But do visit the Chick-fil-a, just the nicest group of retirees working there. We have decided we want to retire to Disney World and work there, so check back on that in 30 years.

And then of course, the ocean. Nothing reminds you how big God is and how little we are then looking at the ocean, beautiful. I am chicken about swimming with creatures around me, but I got in enough to be proud of myself. Cade was like me, but Cooper was a little dolphin! He and Jason spent hours riding the waves on their boogy boards. Cade tried once and you can see his smile, but once was enough for him. Cade and I spent some precious time together sitting on the beach, drawing in the sand, and watching the waves wash it away. No one got too sunburned, but me of course. But aloe worked wonders. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Elizabeth said...

How fun! Sounds look sweet family fun!