Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Campbell!

Today Campbell is 2 months old! How did that happen?! So I took him to the doctor for his check up, which was an adventure. I have thought the last two years since we have been using this doctor that they needed to redo their offices, and Hurricane Ike pushed them into it. Apparently, they had a lot of damage, so they had to move to a temporary location for 4-6 months while their offices are getting redone. Well, this temporary office was soooo tiny. And there are 4 doctors in the practice, it was a mad house! People walking all over each other. Anyway, it wasn't fun. But he looks great. Weighs 12 lbs 7 oz, 75 percentile. Then we got the dreaded shots, 3 shots and an oral vaccine. I had been thinking for awhile about the vaccines, I have heard so much in the media about the link between them and autism, etc. My mom is getting her doctorate in natural medicine, and really didn't want me to get them (from my translation of comments she had made.) But after the storm, Dr. Dave the pediatrician, ironically enough a good friend of my parents, stayed at our house one night while working on his beach house in Galveston. And I asked him about vaccines. He made me feel so much better. He said that the committee who decides the schedule is pediatricians, not pharmaceutical companies, so they only want whats best for the children. And yes, you can spread them out, but that only makes the child have more painful visits, and opens them up to get the disease while they are waiting for the vaccine. He said there are no studies that prove the link between vaccines and autism, but its one of those things you really can't prove cause and effect. But the best thing he said, that really made me feel better, was that there are risks, but there are risks in everything. Children die in car accidents because they are trapped in their car seats, but are we not going to use car seats because of that risk? Of course not. The benefits far out weigh the risks. So he got his shots today. And yes, he is grumpy. But he won't remember it. He's already forgotten I'm sure.

The trucks came through today and picked up most of our debris in our neighborhood, and all of our traffic lights are working now. Things are getting back to normal. We are waiting for our insurance to tell us how much money we get for repairs, probably a new roof.

OH YEAH! Campbell is celebrating his two month birthday by sleeping through the night! The past three nights he has gone 7-8 hours at night! Yippee!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Campbell! Thanks for the posts, Christy. I'm glad things are slowly getting back to normal there. And thanks for the word about vaccines. I also am on that fence, and have always erred on the side of getting them (even though my mom works with autistic children, too, and worries.)
Love to all!
Kim :)

Elizabeth said...

That is great info on vaccines. I have been concerned also but at this point feel it is best to get them.
Wow, what a crazy 2 months for you.