Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quick Update

Cooper's allergy testing: Well, according to his tests, he has outgrown everything but peanuts! I don't believe it! I have been dealing with his food allergies since he was 14 months old, and he has outgrown them? I am in denial I guess. But he is highly allergic to everything outside, so we are starting shots after the new year. That should be fun. We are thankful though that God has healed him.

The Holidays: We have been on the road. We drove 5 hours to Shreveport, spent the night, and went 9 more hours (with three stops) to Birmingham, AL, and stayed in a lake house with a total of 26 of Jason's family members. It was really fun. We only see most of them every two years, and I really enjoy being with them. His cousins (4 girls) and I really get along, and we enjoy all of their husbands. There were 8 kids from 2 months up to 11 years old. But they were all well behaved considering. Campbell was passed around from person to person, but he did really well. Lots of card playing, some fishing, hiking, shopping, and lots of cooking. We had a church service on Sunday morning. My brother-in-law Bryan played his guitar and led us in some songs, and Jason gave the message, about 5 minutes, maybe. And we prayed together. It was really special. Of course that is when Campbell decided to fuss, so I missed most of the prayer time. I am very thankful for my in-laws and the Christian legacy they have made. Among the 9 families, there are 6 ministers I think.

Now we are back in Shreveport for a few days. Its amazing how different our families are, both good, just very different. We'll be back to the grind next week, and we'll have to detox the kids from sweets, going to bed late, and being held all day. Hopefully I will get a minute to reflect and see if there is anything I need to work on this year. All in all life is really good right now, but I'm sure I can change a few things.

Since I'm on high speed, here are some pictures. Merry Christmas and Have a blessed New Year!

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CDJ said...

Philip randomly told me a story about Jason tonight on datenite. In college, they were eating lunch at the cafeteria. As J was talking to someone, P removed J's straw from his glass. Oblivious to the swipe, J kept listening to the other guy and rasied his cup to take a drink, he swirled his tongue around in mid air above the cup...trying to grab the absentee straw without breaking his concentration on the conversation. Philip must have gotten a huge laugh out of it, because he cracked up wheezin' as he retold it tonight. good times.

PS. I COMPLETELY agree about delaying cereal consumption. I think Ardyn was 9 months old...she was healthy/hefty and loved to nurse, and I loved "no clean up".