Friday, December 19, 2008


Sorry, I just realized I never said how Cooper's testing went. I guess because there wasn't much to report. When the nurse came in to start the tests, she only had about 30 little stick things, and so I asked her if that was all. He had 89 last time. And her response was, "Oh, you wanted food testing?". Well, yes. Since that's the only things I can control, and last time he was allergic to everything under the sun, and the point was to see if he outgrew anything! I was a little frustrated. So they only did the 30 and he will have to go back on Monday for more. He did great though, and yes, he is still highly allergic to peanuts. A few things came back negative, which made no sense, so I think they will do them again on Monday. Tomorrow is his 7th birthday. My big baby is 7. My goodness, how time flies. We are going to the space center. He so wants to be an astronaut now!

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