Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I'm on the search for the best pumpkin bread recipe in the land! I made my first batch last week in honor of October out of the Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book, and it wasn't very good. Very dense, heavy, and not much pumpkin flavor. So I put a call out on facebook and have two new recipes and another promised on the way. So I will slowly make them all and report to you which is my favorite recipe. Of course, that's you trusting that I made them correctly. Usually I can bake fine, its the cooking that gets me. That's also assuming I can find more pumpkin. I was looking all spring and summer for pumpkin and couldn't find any. I asked a store clerk once and she said it was just a seasonal thing, which wasn't true. I googled canned pumpkin and it turns out last years crop was so bad because of flooding that there wasn't any canned pumpkin to be found. Even Libby pumpkin had no pumpkin in their warehouse. So I found some at Walmart last month and bought two cans. The next time I went, there wasn't any. Hopefully shelves will be stocked soon and I can continue my bread making journey.

Football! Cooper's freshman Falcon team is 6-0! But this week we play Beaumont, the other 6-0 team. We've already made the playoffs, so Jason says it doesn't matter if we win or not. That's crazy! Of course it matters! I will say watching pee-wee football has totally made me appreciate the NFL. Those guys are so big and fast and accurate! That doesn't mean I'm going to watch it, I just appreciate it more.

What I'm reading right now:
Your Money, God's Way, by Amie Streater. I'll be reviewing this when I finish it, but let me just tell you, we've already gone through Dave Ramsey, and this book should be required follow up. It is so good!
The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns. I can only read a little of this at a time. It is a lot to digest. It is truly life changing.
Becoming More than Good Bible Study Girl, by Lisa Terkeurst. This was my 75 cent purchase at Mardels a few weeks ago. The best 75 cents I've ever spent. Really good!
Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna. Jason and I are going through this book with two different groups at church right now. I highly recommend it. Its amazing though when you are learning about how to be better parents, your kids test what you are learning.
The Bible! I am still plugging along in Psalms, almost done. Spent a lot of time on 119, but this week Dr. Sloan told us in church he spent 22 days reading it recently. I didn't spend that long. I treasure the 5 minutes I get here or there, and really relish if I have 20-30 to spend. I just leave it and my journal out open on the dining room table so I can run in there when I have a minute. It is changing so many parts of my life. I honestly think I'm sleeping better too. That might be crazy, but I think that's Biblical!

Please be praying for my grandfather. After 22 years of being together, his wife moved to OK this week to be put in a nursing home closer to her son. I am going home next week to help mom move him to another part of the Glen with a smaller apartment. Its a huge relief for everyone, because they weren't good for each other, but its still sad.

Hate to end on a sad note. Let me see... Oh, Campbell is potty training himself. It may wear off soon, but its saving me some diapers at the moment. He's an amazing kid. Cooper was retested for peanuts and dogs this week. Peanuts went down, but that doesn't mean anything, and dogs went up. So maybe we won't get another dog anytime soon. I think that's it for now. If you made it through this randomness, you are either really bored or do care for the minor details in our lives. Thanks!


the bowlin family said...

i personally love your randomness! have you been given a pumpkin bread recipe with a yellow cake mix?? it is super easy and yummy! let me know if you want it.

CDJ said...

i care.

i also care about pumpkin shortages of which I've been oblivious until reading your post. i'm mildly alarmed. I usually buy the big cans all winter, what are we to do?? big lots?

Christy said...

I have actually looked at our Big Lots and they didn't have any either, but maybe you'll be luckier. I bet you have a good recipe Cari!