Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week Three of family devotional...

"My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them." Proverbs 1:10
We had to explain entice... "What if one of your friends at school tried to get you to come make fun of someone else?" They seemed to get that.
Interestingly, we had a bonus family time tonight. Cooper saw a clip of Brett Favre's wife on Sportscenter saying she was surviving because of her faith and she quoted Isaiah 41 passage (one of my favorite verses right now). He said, "why is she talking about the Bible on a sports show? The Bible has nothing to do with sports." Well, that was the wrong thing to say around Jason, so he made him read I Cor. 9 passage about running to win the race and wearing the crown on your head when you win. And we talked about how you learn how to behave in your sporting events because of what the Bible says. It kind of hurt my heart to hear Cooper's bad attitude about Brett's wife on the show. I want him to want to hear God's truth everywhere. I know its because he's not a Christian yet. I've been convicted this week that we really need to pray hard and consistently about him being ready to accept Christ. I know he knows all the answers, just isn't at the place where he realizes his sin is serious. I wouldn't be surprised if Cade becomes a Christian before Cooper because he's more relational and sensitive about his sin. We'll see!

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