Monday, April 11, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Cinnamon Chex - Had a coupon the other day for it, and it is YUMMY! And gluten free for those who might need that.

Ikea plastic bowls and tumblers for kids! They are the perfect size for little Campbell hands, and the bowls are great for my night time bowl of cereal. And they stack really nice in the cabinets and are pretty colors. And cheap!

This one I'm a little embarrassed of, but I love the newer show on the Disney channel, "Good Luck Charlie." So cute. I love the mom, totally relate, only she's really funny. It does have a little bit of girl/boy dating thing, but not as much as some of the other Disney shows I won't let the boys watch. The boys and I love to watch it together, and I'm not bored to death like their other shows. The little baby Charlie is adorable. Highly recommend it, and yes, I will watch it even when the boys are not around. Its better than the adult sit coms with entirely too many inappropriate jokes!

My All-Stars! For those not following on facebook, Cade's team, that Jason coaches, is 9-0! Cooper's team is... trying really hard, but not having a good season. If you could please be praying for his attitude. Its some hard life lessons to learn so young. He's turning in to a really good pitcher though. I am so proud of them both.

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