Saturday, April 09, 2011

What's in my CD player? #2

Got lots of new CD's in the past few weeks. Some girls like shoes, I like CD's. I never pay more than $10, usually less than that. And yes, I know I could download it all, but I am old fashioned and like having a case with lyrics.

Josh Wilson See You - I have already posted the lyrics of my favorite song on here, "I Refuse", but there are a few other good ones too. It was really on sale at Lifeway one day, and I had heard that song on the radio and wanted it, and am pretty happy with my purchase. My other favorite song is "Know by Now": "Here I go again, Why do I forget, You're always faithful, How many times have I seen you give me just what I need, Here I go again, I forget, You're gonna work it out somehow, You think that I'd know by now."

My newest purchase, Mandisa What if We Were Real - Mandisa makes me thank God for American Idol. She is amazing! I am a fan on facebook and love hearing about her life, how real she is! She has lost 120 lbs in the last year and is a new woman, but her voice is still unbelievable. My favorite song is "The Truth About Me": "If only I could see me as You see me/And understand the way that I am loved/Would it give a whole new meaning to my purpose/Change the way I see the world/Would I sparkle like a star in the night sky/Would I give a little more instead of take
If I understood I'm precious like the diamond/Of a worth no one could estimate/I'm a worth no one could estimate/You say lovely/I say broken/I say guilty/You say forgiven
I feel lonely/You say You're with me/We both know it would change everything/If I only believed the truth about me." Its a beautiful song, but the lyrics speak such truth to me. Highly recommend it!

Jonny Diaz - More Beautiful You. This is actually his older album and he just put out a new one last week. But I really loved the song "More Beautiful You" and I got it really cheap at Lifeway. He's pretty acoustic, and I look forward to hearing his new album too.

Passion - Here for You. Unbelievable worship album! Christy Nockels sang a new song from it at the Chris Tomlin concert in February and I was so excited when it came out last month. My first listen through I knew it was good, but each time I listen, I hear more truth in the lyrics and they settle in my soul, and I find myself singing at the top of my lungs with my hands raised. (One raised, one on the steering wheel.) My have a new favorite everyday, but today its a remake of the hymn "I Need You". Gets me through those tough afternoons of being a mom of three.

Kutless - It is Well I've never been a Kutless fan, but this was on sale on awhile back and I am always on the lookout for good worship, and it fit the bill. Great remakes of some old favorites like "Hungry" and "It is Well", and some good originals like "What Faith Can Do." I'm becoming a Kutless fan!

And I still have Matthew West Story of Your Life. Still one of the best CD's ever. There are a few songs on there that when I'm having a bad day, I can pull them up and it just makes it all ok.

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