Thursday, April 07, 2011

My part, part 3

I haven't blogged in a while, and really shouldn't be right now. I should be working on VBS, or reading my Bible, or matching socks, or since its 9:39, going to bed. I have a lot of blogs in my head, so maybe this weekend I'll knock some out. But here is a real quick update on the obedience journey I'm on.

I went to the Collide young adult retreat this weekend, and Steve preached a series about how we are all ministers. Friday night's talk went right along with all that God has been telling me. We are all made uniquely, with certain talents and gifts. And we are all placed in unique places where no one else is placed. And so when God calls us to do something, then who is to say that if we say no, someone else who is as uniquely made as we are will fill in the gap? If we say no, then chances are, it won't get done. We were made for a purpose and if we don't fulfill it, then no one else will. I told Steve that he just added to my month long series about being obedient. He apologized, but not really.

So I came home from the retreat excited about my task I thought God had placed before me. But, the thing that I was willing to be obedient to didn't happen. I didn't have to follow through. I wasn't needed. That was confusing to me. Did I really hear God call me to this task? I know I did. So I guess it was God just seeing if I was really serious about being obedient. The same day that fell through though, another opportunity presented itself. I accepted the opportunity with kind of a bad attitude, and didn't even realize at first it was a test of obedience. But it is something that is taking me out of my comfort zone, and is putting me somewhere when I would really rather be somewhere else. Again, it wouldn't seem like a big deal to most of you, but I think God is showing me how even the little things take a big amount of obedience, and one day there may be bigger opportunities that I need to be ready for. I'm practicing the act of obedience. Getting better I hope.

If this makes no sense, then that is what happens when I blog when I should be going to bed. I may reread this tomorrow and completely rewrite it.

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