Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am a horrible mom. I was looking at the baseball website yesterday and realized Cade and Jason's team did not win the city championship game. I was there. How did I forget that? It all came back to me. They did lose, by a lot. I remember telling Jason if he needed to go out for awhile before he came home to vent and sulk he could, and he said he didn't need to because there was nothing else he could have done. They just had a bad night. I guess that's why I forgot. It was a non-event. But I do feel really stupid and hope my husband never knows I wrote that. They don't get big trophies if they win, they only get pins and there are pins floating all over our house, so I guess all the baseball games became a big blur. I will double check next time before I announce a win that wasn't a win.

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