Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 1 or 2

I'm so tired I'm not really sure which day to call this but I just wanted to give a few quick observations of our flight over.
While waiting for our flight, we observed a Muslim family, a mom, two daughters and a grandson we assume. They took turns in a corner kneeling down to pray. I admired the fact that they were willing to do that in public when people were staring. But I was also very thankful that I don't have to have certain times or postures to pray. In some ways I think it might be helpful if we did. God would probably prefer I have a more respectful posture of prayer sometimes. And I would probably pray more if I had set times.
I was amazed while waiting in the London airport for our Budapest how many different people were there from other countries. All types of languages and clothing. All people God loves.
British Airlines rocks! I had downloaded all these books on J's laptop to read on the flight and didn't read any of them. I watched two sitcoms from the on demand screen at my seat and part of a movie and slept. As much as I love Southwest flight attendants in their shorts and shirts, I loved the BA flight attendants in their suits, neckerchiefs and heels. The ladies took off their heels when the flight started and put on little flats, but the heels came back off at landing. They all looked so professional. Made me feel very safe.
I had been scared to fly, but I could tell people were praying for me because I was fine most of the time. Thanks friends.
We spent the day in London with our friends Martyn and Sara, trying to stay awake. And then we flew to Budapest where Randi and Trey picked us up. It was so great to see old friends, even so far away from home. I'll make another post with pics of Budapest. Lots of fun!

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