Friday, July 08, 2011

Me and My Boys

I love my children, I really do. But I've been with them non stop for a long time now. I don't know how home schooling moms do it! We've had some great adventures the past week. We went to Shreveport to see my Momma. While there, we did the slip and slide and baby pool in their backyard, and the big boys were even brave enough to swim in their pond. We went to Sciport. We saw my sweet PawPaw. We did some shopping, ate lots of yummy food (all my favorites, Padnuh's BBQ, El Chico's twice, and other yummy stuff), and I helped my mom decorate her clinic. Normally at my mom's I get a little break from the kids, lots of time to blog, but not this time. My brother is in the process of adjusting to a new job and moving, so he has left his 7 month old golden retriever with her and that dog is ADD! So it was like having two extra children to take care of. It took all of us to get everyone happy! I did take a quick by myself trip to Marshall and spent a sweet afternoon with my friends Cari and Phillip catching up. Really needed that!

The drive back was an adventure! About 30 minutes before we were leaving, there was a jumping on the bed/split lip incident with the dramatic child, so we left late and left stuff because I was flustered. Then I went a different way than usual and got lost. I don't have a fancy GPS in my car or on my phone. Luckily my step dad answered his phone and got me back on track. About an half hour outside of Houston it started raining, and POURED down rain on me until I turned onto the main highway by my house. Stopped and not a drop to be seen. How does that happen?!

Did I mention that my hubby and parenting helper is at the space shuttle launch in FL, so I have been trying to figure out how to keep them occupied since we've been home. We've made muffins and brownies. Been to the library. Went to Walmart and purchased some more baseball cards, which is a great new hobby that is quiet and clean. (love that). Today we went to Petsmart, otherwise known as the free mini zoo, and the kids took notes on what pet they want in the future. We are talking fish or turtles, not dogs yet. Especially after being around my brother's dog! This afternoon we went to Snoball Hut and got snow cones and played Connect Four. Then we came home and went across the street to our neighbor's house and borrowed their pool for awhile. And we are presently eating some homemade pizzas I made. I had envisioned a big family activity making the pizzas, but there was no interest on anyone's part but mine.

Again, I do love my children. But next week all three of them have a week long camp at church. I can not tell you how excited I am. The big boys are not excited about music/drama camp. I've told them if they go Monday and Tuesday and don't like it, they can stop. That's basically a lie though. They are going whether they like it or not! Momma needs a break!

Here are some pictures of our adventures!

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Dianna said...

Love the that a ladder in the water????

Down time is a good thing! Don't feel guilty about that. We all need time alone.

I remember the kids screaming, banging on the bedroom door...I was in the closet with the closet door shut...just for a few minutes. My boys aren't too warped. :)

CDJ said...

It was such a treat to have you visit! Please come again soon and bring the fellas:) Enjoy music camp!!