Saturday, July 30, 2011

Budapest and Beyond

We spent two days in Budapest, Hungary. I'm not sure the best way of relating all of our adventures. Maybe my likes and dislikes?
Dislikes: Tour of the Parliament, kind of neat, but overpriced, and the "English" speaking tour guide had such a strong accent, it was hard to understand her. Having to pay to use the public toilets. Climbing a "hill" up to the Citadel.

Likes: Beautiful city, good food, great pastries, riding buses, trams, and subways. Boat tour on the Danube, very educational and beautiful. Finally arriving at the top of the Citadel and enjoying the view. St.Stephens Church. Hungarian Marketplace. Paris, TX Bar. (Yes, they had a bar I saw on the map called Paris, TX, so we had to find it and take a picture. Its apparently not named after the city but after a movie, which I have never heard of. For those of you who don't know, that is where J's parents live, where our kids are right now, we thought that was hilarious!)

Today we traveled from Budapest to Belgrade, Serbia where our friends Trey and Randi live. We sat in traffic for two hours along with what seemed like half of Hungary who was leaving on their summer holiday. We stopped in Novi Sad where they used to live and had lunch at a fortress overlooking the whole city. I had chicken salad, not very brave of me, but it was really good. We met some of their friends, Mike and Pam. Pam's mom was visiting too, and she graduated from the same high school I did, only 40 years earlier! How crazy is that! I'll try to post some pics. Tomorrow we will go to the International Church and have some "Mexican" food for lunch. We'll be the judge if its good or not. We're afraid Trey and Randi have been gone for too long to remember what good Mexican food is.

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Jason said...

Love you guys look forward to talking with you both when you return