Monday, August 01, 2011

Belgrade Part 1

We have spent a wonderful two days in Belgrade so far, very relaxing. Yesterday we went to the International Church that meets in a hotel. About 40 people there from all different places, worshipping together in English. Then we went out for "Mexican" food for lunch with about 16 Americans. I put it in quotes because for us from Houston it was just ok, but for these Americans who have been out of the country for a range of a month to two years, they loved it and were very excited to have found this restaurant. Then we came back and took naps, because no matter where you are in the world, Sunday afternoons are made for naps. Then a relaxing time of coffee, ordered pizza and palacinke for dessert. It's crepes with chocolate or fruit filling. And we played some cards.

Today we went to a local "pijaca," a market with wonderful fruits and vegetables. I had the best time taking pictures, trying to get some people without them noticing. Then we braved a Chinese market, a Sam Moon store on steroids. Three buildings, two floors each of everything under the sun. Craziness. Then we had some wonderful pastry type sandwiches for lunch, walked around the neighborhood a little bit, and then went to the local grocery store. I was introduced to meat in a tube. Then we came back and rested a little bit, watched some American tv. Randi cooked us a wonderful dinner, and then we walked down by the Danube. On one side of us was the river with lots of boat restaurants all the way down. The other side was kids carnival rides, lots of booths with grilled corn, popcorn, palacinke and this wonderful discovery "krofnice", these little donuts that taste like funnel cakes with caramel sauce and strawberry sauce. REALLY GOOD! Randi said she had only seen them in Bulgaria, so she was excited to find them too. Now we're watching a movie and hanging out. Here are some pics!

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