Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Has God ever told you not to spend time with Him?

Its an honest question I'm asking myself today. I finally sat down today to spend some time with God for the first time since we got back from our trip 10 days ago. I was so mad at myself and questioning why I hadn't spent any time with Him. We had a wonderful time on our trip, sweet fellowship with my spouse, our friends and with my Father. So why would I not want to pick right back up with the good habit I had of sitting at His feet every afternoon? Partly exhaustion maybe? I really haven't had time to rest from our trip, jumped right back into the business of life. Got out of the habit? I don't know. But I sat down and was journaling about some thoughts and questions I was having. And then I turned to the chapter that I left off on weeks ago in 2 Timothy, and the passage answered exactly my questions I had just written down. The Lord spoke loud and clear. So now I'm wondering if the Lord tells us its ok some times to not spend time with Him because He's waiting for the right time to show us something? If I had been doing it the way I thought I should be, I would have read that passage last week and I don't think I would have been at the place that it would have spoken to me so clearly. Do you think God gives us a pass sometimes because He wants us at a certain time? Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on that.

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