Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Belgrade Part 2

We have been loving our time here in Belgrade. Lots of new experiences! Yesterday we went to another open market, really hard to describe. Like a mix of a flea market and an outdoor Walmart. Do you want a kitchen sink? Go through the maze until you find a sink stall. Do you need a curtain rod? Wander around until you find a curtain rod stall. Not sure stall is the right word either. A tent? A booth? Blue jeans, tools, kitchen supplies, man bags, and food. Whatever you need. Just wander around until you find it. Some clothing stalls are just piles of clothes, but some look like a Dillards under a tent. Nicely organized, hung on fancy hangers. Food here is really cheap, but clothes are highly taxed so they are expensive. Jason's been looking for a man bag so he can fit in with the European men.

Then we went to another mall and had KFC for lunch. Real adventurous aren't we? Had some coffee, came home and had dinner, and we taught Randi and Trey how to play Polish Poker. Then we walked over to another neighborhood and went to the home of some American friends of Trey and Randi's. We taught them how to play Polish Poker (glad we could introduce a new game to the country of Serbia) and talked and laughed for hours. I have laughed more in the past week than I have in months. I don't think its because I don't have funny friends at home, just no time to go hang out with them. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. We Skyped with the boys last night. It was great to see them, and only made me a little sad. Campbell looked so big. He's not my baby anymore!

Today we rode the public transit across the river to the Fortress, a huge park like place surrounded by parts of a real fortress. Parts of it were built during the wars, but there are parts of it that are Roman ruins. It was warm here today (not like Texas, so we weren't complaining) so we took our time and rested and snacked along the way. Then we shopped at some little carts along the sidewalks around. I bought some beautiful doilies from the cutest little Serbian lady named Milana. Serbia isn't known for much, but I have fallen in love with the little ladies here, so I really wanted something they make. After dinner, the boys went back to the mall to hang out and Randi and I have had a girl's night. Painted our toe nails, ice cream and a girlie movie.

We leave tomorrow for Rome. Belgrade isn't the prettiest city I've ever been to, but when you look for the good parts you can find them. But more than that, I will miss our friends. We have had a wonderful time visiting, catching up and laughing. And now I know how to better pray for them when I am back home. All in all, very successful trip!

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