Monday, November 28, 2011

Cool God Story - Retro Style

I don't know why I was thinking today of a cool thing God did many years ago, pre-blog. So I thought I would share with you.

In 1996, I bought a used Honda Accord, and drove it many miles from Hollis, OK to Ft. Worth, TX once a week for Seminary. Later, it was driven from from Plano/Richardson to Ft. Worth more than once a week for Seminary. And it made lots of road trips in between. Many years and lots of miles on that sweet car. J and I started saving money for a new one, knowing the end was near. One Monday, our youth intern mentioned that she was selling her Toyota Camry, so J and I decided to think about it, but weren't sure we were ready to commit. What if old faithful could make it another year or two? On Tuesday, I pulled out of the driveway and realized I was leaving a trail of oil on the driveway and all the way down the street. So I drove it directly to the Firestone station down the street, dropped her off, and waited for the dreaded phone call. Maybe we really needed to consider that Camry?

Sure enough, the call came, and it was going to cost almost half of what we had saved up for a new car just to fix the old one. That didn't make any sense at all. But do we fix it and then sell it, or try to sell it broken? Do we need to try to sell it fast to get the money to buy the Camry, or just be a one car family until we can sell it? So many questions. We called Firestone back to tell them to go ahead a fix it, and guess what? The repairman asked if we were interested in selling the car! Oh, yes he did. Why, yes, we are interested in selling it. We drove up there to get my stuff out of the car and tell it goodbye. J said he prayed about it on the way, and wondered if we were making the right decision. Could we get more money selling it to someone else? And he felt God say, "I did this. I have taken care of this for you. Just rest." So we got the cash on Wednesday, and bought my Camry on Thursday. And I drove it until child number three was coming and we knew it was time to upgrade to the mini-van. Great car. Even greater God!

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