Saturday, December 03, 2011

Silver Spoons

Quick story to see if anyone agrees with me. I went to get a spoon the other day out of the silverware drawer and there were none. No problem, I'll look in the dishwasher. It was almost empty, only 2 in there. Where are the spoons? I went all over the house and found 6 total. Well, that's just not enough. Yes, I could go to Walmart and buy a few that don't match. But just the thought of that makes my skin crawl. Not the Walmart part, I love Walmart, the non matching spoon part. So I went online and looked for my silverware only to find that it has been discontinued. Nor surprising, we've had it 15 years. Now what? I found it on a discontinued website for $8 a spoon. I'm not that much attached to having them match. That's ridiculous! I then discovered a wonderful thing, restaurant warehouse websites! You can buy silverware a dozen at a time. The first few I found only had them by 2 or 3 dozen. I don't think I need that many! Then Ebay led me to this site, and I got a dozen of my spoons from 15 years ago for only $29 with shipping! I was so excited today when they arrived! When I informed my husband of my purchase, he wondered why I didn't go to Walmart and buy random spoons. Who is going to notice that our spoons don't match? I would! And it would bug me every time I opened the drawer. Aren't they beautiful? Its the little things in life!

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