Saturday, October 06, 2012

Crazy Week

J and I were talking last weekend about how some families seem to always be struggling, either with illnesses or deaths in the family, and how thankful we were we weren't in that stage right now. I jinxed it. Apparently, we are the people who constantly struggle with house issues. Monday morning I was getting ready to take Cade to the doctor for a checkup and I heard dripping that kept getting louder. I walked out of my bathroom to see in horror water heavily dripping out of the ceiling by our attic. I screamed "NO!", but I knew what it was. Our hot water heater had ended its life. It had a good long 24 year life, but it decided that now, after the summer we had with water leaks, was a good time to die. So two days and another huge check later, we had a new hot water heater. I tried really hard to stay positive, almost laugh about it. I had people offer to let us shower at their house, which was really kind, but one cold shower was nothing compared to so many other people's problems. I was driving home from work the day without hot water and saw a tree where a teenager died in a car crash last week. The tree was covered with ribbons, balloons and flowers, and I was reminded how blessed I am, and a cold shower is nothing.

Friday night Cooper was asked to kick a 13 yard kick through the uprights before a high school game to earn money for his school. He was so excited and practiced for weeks. When we arrived, he practiced at the practice field for awhile and made the last 7 or 8 in a row. It was one of the high school's homecoming, so it was packed. I was nervous for him. He was feeling pretty good about it, but the thousands of people and then the drum roll from the band that was standing right next to him was a little much and he didn't make it. I was crushed for him, but it was just like him to get over it really fast. He was having a blast at the game with his friends. We sat on both sides for awhile since we don't have any attachments yet. But I was reminded that I just don't like sports unless one of my kids is playing. I was so bored. And little Campbell didn't act like he felt well. He had been hoarse all day and as we sat watching a game I didn't care about, he was getting hotter and hotter. We finally left in the 4th quarter and came home to a 101 fever and a nasty cough. Yuck.

So then this morning, I stayed home with little C while the others went to their football games. And I had the hard decision that parents have to make, do I take the child to the doctor or not, especially since its Saturday morning. I don't think he's that sick and he doesn't have a fever this morning, but I think it might be croup, and what if he gets worse tonight and we can't get in until Monday. So I finally broke down and took him and was happy to say that I was right, its croup. I hate that my kid is sick, but glad I actually got medicine at the doctor. Poor baby has been sleeping for the last 3 hours. You know he doesn't feel good when he sleeps that long.

So that's my crazy week, not even mentioning a huge Trades of Hope party I did Monday night, and one that got canceled last minute on Thursday. I have to admit, it was kind of nice to not have to go to football games today. They lost both games, so at least I didn't miss anything.

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