Monday, November 05, 2012

I have missed you blog

My computer has died, I think. It is at church right now being prayed over and hopefully will come back to life, but I have my doubts. So for the last two weeks I have only had the old, original Iphone that has a busted screen to check my email and facebook at home. It was Jason's and when it was hit by a baseball he gave it to me, and I can only use it at home on our WiFi, but it has been way better than nothing. Of course, when my computer was working fine I wasn't in the mood to blog or didn't have time, but not having a computer, I have been dying to blog. Nothing really important to say, but it was just the not being able to that made me want to. Can you relate? So, sweet hubby brought home his lap tap for me to use this week. Ahhhh. Its nice to see you again my sweet blog.

Let me catch you up on our insane weekend filled with 3 different sports at the same time, which I didn't know was possible. Cade played a baseball game Friday night to start a tournament. Cooper played a football game Saturday morning at 9:30, the quarterfinals of the playoffs. Never in 3 years of playing has our team had to a call an ambulance to a game, and we had to call TWO in one game for neck injuries. Scary, but both boys are ok now. But that made the game really late, so I missed the end of it because I had to walk over to watch Cade's quarterfinal game at 11:00. Let me let you in here on a little secret. We are leaving Saturday for Disney World! The two big boys know, but the little one doesn't know yet, so please don't tell him. But we booked this trip in July, and picked the weekend based on last years football schedule, but then the schedule came out and it was a week earlier, so we have been worried for the last 4 months about either of our boys' teams making to the semifinals or, heaven forbid, the Superbowl and messing up our trip. So as much as we wanted our boys' teams to win because that would have been exciting, we really needed them to lose. Cooper's team lost 19-12, but that makes it sound closer than it really was, so that was one down, one to go. Cade's team had to make it exciting for us. They were winning 6-0 through most of the game, but at the last minute, literally, the other team scored and just had to make the extra point to win. Luckily no one was standing around us as the other team made their extra point to win, because we made sure we had sad faces, but were really cheering under our breath. Huge relief. Both Falcons teams had a great season, but we were ready to move on from football.

Then J took the boys to grab lunch while I took my shift in the concession stand. CRAZY! Nonstop for almost 2 hours. I somehow ended up at the nacho making area, and had to make crockpots of canned cheese and chili. Gross. I don't know that I will ever eat nachos again. Then I met the boys at Cooper's baseball game at 2 at the same tournament. Did I mention that, thank goodness, the baseball tournament was 5 minutes from the football fields in Deer Park. Then Cade had another game at 6, but I left him with his coaches, because Jason had to go back to Galvestion for his young adult retreat he was speaking at, but I had to bring Cooper back home to change for his basketball tryouts. LONG day, needless to say, we all slept really well that night. Then Sunday, both boys had baseball games at 1. I tried to go back and forth and watch both, but watching two games and a 4 year old is impossible, so I stayed mostly at Coopers because Jason is one of Cade's coaches. Cooper's team won their game easily, but Cade's game was a nail biter. They ended up winning 9-8, so they were supposed to move on to the championship game, but the other team they played filed a protest about a call they didn't like and won, so we were forced to forfet. Try explaining that to a team of 8 year olds. Awful! But Cooper's team played their championship game and won, so at least we ended the crazy weekend on a good note. So today I am catching up on what feels like 36 loads of stinky boy laundry and counting down the days until our vacation, I NEED IT!

NASA 11U Jets, Deer Park Tournament Champions!

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