Sunday, March 24, 2013


The Little League baseball season officially started yesterday with Opening Day ceremonies here, but of course, its been going on our in our home for a over a month already. And, we have three playing for the first time. Campbell should be playing tee ball, but not to the surprise of anyone, except his momma, he was drafted at 4 years old to play on a coach pitch team with 5 and 6 year olds. An overachiever already. He can hit great and throw fairly well, but can't quite catch. But most of the kids on his team can't either, so its ok. He's playing right field which is great for his short attention span. He spends most of the time out there dancing in circles. But he is having a blast. His team won their first game 18-16 thanks in part to his in the park homerun. It was a great hit out to the fence, but yes, only due to the lack of defense on the other team did he make it all the way around. But if you could have seen the look on his face, priceless! And everyone is still congratulating him on his homerun, so that's a great way to start his baseball career! Rumor has it that his coach said "So what do you think about my 4 year old now?!" Very proud momma. Even prouder daddy if you could even imagine.

Cade is playing kid pitch this year and was starting pitcher for his first game. I am really missing machine pitch (a lot faster) but its great to watch these boys grow up and start to play "real" baseball. Jason is coaching Cade's team, so he is whipping them into shape. It should be a great season.

And Cooper, again to remind me how old I am getting, is now in the majors division, the oldest one. Next year will be his last in Little League. Ug, knife to the heart. For years I have seen the oldest kids on the big field and thought how huge they were and how I couldn't imagine my kids ever being that big, and here we are. He has been playing catcher and short stop. He seems to like his team mates, and although they have lost their first two games, I have faith they will have a great season too. He had to buy a new bat because his old one is almost "dead". J and Coop have tried to explain to me numerous times how an inanimate object can die, but I don't get it.

So yes, to answer the question I am sure you are asking, our schedule is crazy! Baseball every night of some kind. I have the colored coded system in full swing. At the top of my wipe board is the practice schedule originally set when the season started. But at the bottom of the board is the reality for the week. So far baseball isn't the issue. It's if we have anything else added to the schedule that it gets crazy. We had one night where all 5 of us had different places to be at the same time. We are very thankful that we have parents on each team that are willing to help us out. It takes a village to raise a baseball player! Its crazy, but we are loving it and are very proud of our boys!

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