Thursday, March 28, 2013

Roller Coaster Day

What a day! Up and down and everywhere in between. This morning was Campbell's last Easter celebration at his preschool. They do a service where the kids put flowers on a big wooden cross to show the children how beautiful the ugly cross becomes because of what Jesus did. I was too busy helping with the little kids to really take it in that it was his last, probably better that way. He did his last preschool Easter egg hunt and I took some cute pictures of him and his friends. Great morning. Bitter sweet.

Then we went to the elementary school where Cade was awarded a Character Award. Each teacher gets to choose two of her students each nine weeks to reward them for having great character. I have always been more proud of my boys when they receive this than any athletic or academic achievement. And its a surprise to the kids, so I loved the smile on his face. Such pride and joy.

But all that was gone an hour later when Cade went to his end of the year chess club party. Yes, he's in chess club and loves it. And he was expecting to receive the first place trophy for having the best match record for the year. I was expecting to see him bounding out of the front doors of the school with a big old trophy. But there he came, with a pouting face and a small participation trophy. He was devastated. He gets mad when he loses stuff because he's very competitive. But this was different. This was get in the car and let the tears loose devastation. So hard for a momma to not jump out of the car and steal the big trophy from the kid on the sidewalk. Heartbreaking.

Tonight Cooper had a baseball game and pitched for the first time in the majors. J and I could tell he was nervous and he had every right to be. He wanted to impress those older kids on his team who are checking him out, wondering how he will perform. And he performed great! Struck out 3 batters in 2 innings. Only walked 2, but 1 was on purpose to load the bases. They won 13-2 and he got the game ball! Huge smile on his face too! Pride and joy back again!

Finally got home at almost 10, and I went to get the mail. In the mail was a letter from his new middle school about band. Coop wants to play percussion like his daddy, but has never had any musical training. The letter said he would have to try out and only 8 kids will make it. And they would prefer the percussion students have piano training. So the built up stress of the day came out in tears. Sadness of not measuring up and worry.

I received a letter I wasn't expecting, didn't really want to receive and didn't need today for sure. It has brought up some stuff I haven't had to deal with in a long time, and I really don't have the emotional strength to deal with it. At least not today. Tired frustration.

So many emotions today. I am so glad that my God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and that no emotion I have can faze Him. I am glad that over the years I have seen how He moves and that because of the trust I have built up in Him I don't get fazed as easily by unexpected letters, disappointments, and worry. Not to say I don't have bad days where I do get over taken by emotions. But today was not one of them. Thankful for all our experiences today.

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