Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cruise Part 3

So yeah, more pictures tomorrow turned into a week later. I was at my mom's who lost internet connections and then when we got home, life got crazy and I didn't get a chance to finish my three part cruise posts. So here is the last part of cruise pictures and I can't finish without mentioning the best part of the cruise for me. The service! Disney Cruise line spoils a parent like no other! The kids go to the kids clubs during the day whenever they want from 9 am to midnight. They will even feed them if you want. We did pick up our kids for meals, but most meals were filled with hearing my kids beg to go back to kids club ASAP. Even my little one. He didn't want to miss anything. And speaking of meals, amazing! The food was great, but even better was the service. We had the same two servers for the cruise, Marcus and Putra. We changed restaurants each night but they came with us. So they know what we like and didn't like. They cut up my kids food for me! They made ketchup blobs in the shape of Mickey Mouse. They were amazing! Our first meal home was sandwiches, made by me, with no ketchup blobs, no service. We all just sat at the table almost in tears. I so hope we get to take another cruise someday. I cannot say enough how great it was and totally worth every penny. Of course, I didn't pay, so it was totally worth every penny my parents paid for it!
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