Thursday, May 30, 2013

Farewell to Fours

Ok, I think I can emotionally blog about my baby leaving preschool and heading off to kindergarten next year without crying. Probably because I have now been home with him for 3 days by myself and if school started tomorrow, I would take him with a big smile on my face! He is so hard to keep occupied. I love weekday preschool with a passion, but the only downside of it is they don't ever have to play by themselves, so when he is home alone, I am his playmate. I have played Shutes and Ladders and  Candy Land 20 times, been to the park, library, church and still he's been bored. It will be better when the boys are done with school next week, I think.

We don't do a graduation from preschool at UBC, we do a Farewell to Fours. They sing some sweet songs and this year received a medal around their necks and then the sappy but beautiful power point of pictures from the year. I imagined myself crying through the whole thing, but I did pretty well, until... my husband prayed a blessing over the kids. Lost it! Just hearing the man I love praying for the sweet ones to have courage, strength, and protection as they grow and claiming the promises that God has for them was more than I could take. And then the power point started, so I cried through part of that. But then I got it together.

The past four years have gone by in a flash. I was looking at pictures and videos of him today and I just can't believe it has gone so fast. He is so funny, smart, and such a leader. At our parent teacher conference his teachers said he will either be a CEO or teacher when he grows up and they would love for me to find them in 20 years and tell them where he is. He'll be 5 in August and I constantly have people ask me if I'm holding him back and waiting a year. Have you met my child? He's so ready, I guess from having two big brothers to keep up with.  And he's so excited to go! I know he'll be like the other two and just walk right in without looking back. And I may or may not cry when w drop him off. Who am I kidding. Its not if I'll cry, its can I hold it back until I get in the car.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I found today. There are too many to post, he's such a cutie!




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