Monday, May 06, 2013

Two funny stories from today... one is pretty racy!

First the sweet one. I heard Campbell talking to himself today. "Next up to bat, Jesus! Whack! Its a home run!" I love that. Good to know Jesus is a good baseball player. When Jason was Minister of Recreation at FBC Richardson, he had these little statues of Jesus playing sports. Very irreligious, except in a church gym. So funny.

The other story will be as racy as my blog will ever get. There was a knock on the door this morning right before I left to take Campbell to school. I just looked through my front window and the man said he was from the gas company and needed to look at my meter in the backyard. I have gotten to where I don't answer the door anymore because our neighborhood has break ins during the day. The people come to the front door and ring the bell to see if anyone is at home and if not, they go around back and break in. But he looked legit. When Campbell and I left a few minutes later, he was leaving our yard. I saw his gas truck and his name tag, so I apologized for not opening the door and explained the situation. He completely understood and obviously doesn't get to talk to people much because he proceeded to stand in my driveway and chat for the next ten minutes. He started telling me all these stories about people he encounters while he's trying to mind his own business and do his job. He said last week he was working in a backyard while two men started arguing around him about a girl, and one went inside and got a gun. He dropped what he was doing and got the heck out. But he told me that just this morning, on my street, he rang the doorbell and no one came. So he went around back and saw two people inside a pick up truck doing their business! With no clothes on! WHAT! Yes, it was somewhat inappropriate that he told me that story, and it is still now that I am telling you, especially on the same post as a story about Jesus. I will go and repent, but you have to admit its funny.

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