Monday, April 29, 2013

Scary Evening

Saturday was Jason's 40th birthday and he was flying back from a trip to Florida. He was suppose to land at 5:45 so the boys and I could pick him up and have plenty of time for a birthday dinner. I checked the flight status before I left and it said it had already landed, so we jumped in the car to head to the airport. At our house it was dark and cloudy but only sprinkling, but by the time we got to the exit for the airport, we were in torrential rains, so much so that the road the airport is on was flooded. There were two cars stranded in the street with water up to the tops of their tires. So we pulled in a gas station along with another 20 cars to regroup.

Now, have I mentioned that my sweet middle child has a spirit of fear and had already said before we left he didn't want to go because of the rain. So now that he has seen a car almost floating, he loses it and is crying in the back seat. I am offended. Dude, do not trust me? Do you really think Mommy would drive you into that and put my children in danger? Do you not trust God to take care of us and give me wisdom? He said he didn't understand why God would allow it to rain that much and was very concerned about what happened to the people in the cars. I said they probably got out and walked to the gas station and that God needed it to rain but He had not designed the sewer system that wasn't working properly. It didn't help.

About that time we get a text from J that he is on the tarmac at the Corpus Christi airport. Nice. I apparently missed that they had landed... at the Corpus airport. So we come back home. Cade was so relieved to get in the house. But now we wait. He eventually says they are leaving at 8:30 and eventually the Southwest airlines website catches up and agrees that they have left Corpus. So I call my sweet neighbor to come over and sit with the kids because I am not taking them back on that journey, now in the dark. And off I go, in the dark and rainy night by myself to a sketchy part of town with a cell phone that I now notice is about to die. Not the smartest choice I've made. And Cade is afraid for my life that I will never come home.

It took me three exits to find a road to the airport that wasn't flooded. J is landed now and is calling me telling me where to go, but I am really bad with directions, and really bad driving in places that I'm not familiar with. So now, I'm crying. But I caught myself before I completely lost it, and realized that now I'm at the place Cade was. Do I not trust God to take care of me? Do I not trust him to be holding on to me while I'm making this drive? I of course made it just fine to the airport and was so relieved to see my husband coming to the car, and gladly changed seats to let him drive. We got home at 10:30, not the best birthday night for sure, but quite memorable. And I got a spiritual lesson in the process. I'm still a child sometimes when it comes to my trust level. Oh Father, forgive my lack of trust in your protection and guidance and thank you for bringing us home safely. You are good.

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