Sunday, June 05, 2011

The guy (I assume it was a guy. That's sexist of me. Maybe its a girl interested in spiders) from never answered my email about my spider friend. See my blog from 5/25. I have been imagining why.
1. Its a junior high boy, and he has moved on to other interests
2. It was so obvious to him what the spider was, he thought I was too stupid to answer
3. It was a junior high boy, and his mom made him disconnect the email address or grounded him
4. He is traveling the world studying spiders and does not have time for me
5. He has moved on to studying snakes. I will not be looking at pictures of snakes to ask him about
6. He was bitten by a spider that killed him. (That's not really funny, but kind of)

Any other suggestions?

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CDJ said...

you make me laugh:)