Friday, June 24, 2011

Baseball Season Summary

I love baseball season for the boys! The older they get, the more exciting it gets. Cooper played for the A's. They started out the season at 0-9 I think, but finished it at 5-11-2. It was a pretty painful season for Coop because he wasn't used to losing. He grew a lot character wise I think. But he still made all stars, which became his goal mid-season. His all star team won the consolation bracket. He played 2nd base, catcher and pitcher. Pitching made this momma so nervous, but he was pretty good and loved doing it. He didn't start catching until mid-season and did a great job there too. I should have known he would be a good catcher because if I let him, he sits in a squat all the time, even at the dinner table. I was very proud of him for hanging in there this season and doing his best even when he could have given up!

Cade played for the Braves, and Jason was his manager. They finished the season at 13-2! They were undefeated until those last two games. The last two seasons, Jason's team had had the best record going into the championship tournament and lost before the got to the final game, so we were hoping to break that record. And we did! The Braves were the division champions for having the best record and were the PeeWee Champions for winning the city championship. Very exciting! Cade played 2nd and pitcher. And he made all stars and played pitcher the entire tournament. That's a huge compliment for him because you have to be able to catch anything there and use your brain. I always tell them both that their greatest weapon is their brain. I'm not sure they completely get that yet.

I think they are both going to join a select team, so apparently we will be playing baseball off and on all year. And I'm ok with that. Very proud of them!

I was trying to upload a slide show but it wasn't working, so here are a few of my favorite shots of the season.

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