Thursday, June 02, 2011

Saving Money on Your Grocery Budget, Part 3

4. Try to match sales with coupons. There are websites that will do that work for you. I know Grocery Game does that, but they charge.
· These are free. and
· There are other local websites that help you match.
· (She’s based out of OK, I am a fan on facebook and have gotten lots of great deals only found on facebook, and she tells me about great deals at CVS or Walgreens.)
· (Houston)

5. Buy in Bulk
· Be careful at Sam’s or Costco, it may not be cheaper per item, and you end up with tons of something and nowhere to store it.
·, buying boxes of food really cheap! You preorder which box of food you want and pick it up at local participating churches.

6. Now go Shopping!
· Do not go when you are hungry
· Go without your kids (and husbands)
· Take your time!
· Make a date for yourself, get coffee, have a seat and get organized, listen to your ipod, have fun!

Hope this helps some of you. If you have other tips and ideas, please comment and let me know. God calls us to be good stewards of what He has given us and take care of our families. I think using coupons falls into that! Good Luck!

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