Sunday, June 05, 2011

Just update on my life...

For those of you interested... Mom.

My life is revolving around two things right now, baseball and VBS. Both big boys made the All Star teams, which is exciting, but busy. Coop had his first game last night, and lost. Cade doesn't have his first game until Tuesday. They are guaranteed three games, so we could be done Thursday or go until the 16th if one of their teams were to go all the way. I'm very proud of them. But this is really exhausting for all of us. I pride myself on being a flexible person, but I have realized that in my old age I'm becoming much more schedule/planning oriented. And this not knowing until the day before where and when we are playing is really hard for me! I'll suck it up. I'll post of picture of them the next time I can catch them both in their uniforms. They are very handsome!

And then VBS. Its next week (13-17) and I am directing the preschool. We have a great leadership team and I could not get half of what I have to get done without Robin, Kim, Terri, Janet and Laura. I realized yesterday that I am at a different place this summer. Last summer the week before and week of I was having anxiety attacks I was so stressed and worried and overwhelmed. I think that's why in July I had my spiritual reawakening. I realized I had been doing it all on my own power and I didn't like the results. This summer I am not worried, not anxious, not too badly overwhelmed. But on the opposite end, I've been procrastinating. "It will all work out in the end. No worries." I'm setting myself up for a lot of work this week! But I'm excited to see all that God is going to do. We have a VBS blog that I have set up and I've been writing some devotionals for our volunteers. That's been a lot more fun then trying to organize lesson plans and schedules. But it all has to be done. I think the devotionals have been more for me than anyone else. Keeps me focused on what's important. (If you are interested,

Anyway, between those two things, the next two weeks are the busiest of our year, so if I ignore you, please don't take it personally! People asked me today how our third day of summer was going. Summer does not start for us until June 18th, so I'm hanging on for that. I can't wait to crash. But I will crash thanking God for all that He has done in our family and our church! He is good!

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the bowlin family said...

I can totally relate to summer not starting until after VBS. I keep telling everyone the same thing. I know that God will bless everyone that is a part. can't wait for pics of your handsome baseball players. :)