Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saving Money on your Grocery Budget, Part 2


Don't get overwhelmed. This is not extreme couponers. That show is unrealistic. This is starting with what you can handle. Any coupon you use is money in your pocket.

Where do you get coupons? The paper, online and packaging.

Here are some websites where you can print off coupons:
· www.grocerysmarts.com
· www.couponmom.com (she will also help you match coupons with ads)
· www.groceryguide.com
· Check the store’s websites for coupons (Walmart, Target, etc.)
· Search facebook for certain brands and you can find coupons.

· Always double check on your packaging before you throw it out

· In Houston, buy the Sunday paper, $2 at the stores, or subscribe for $1 a week. One mom told me I could get two delivered, one in my name and one in my husbands. I only cut out the ones I am going to use. Some of the couponing websites will tell you to keep the whole packet, dated.

· I organize my coupons in a small coupon filing box I got at Target for $4, and they are organized by aisle in the store I go to most often.

· Stack manufacturer and store coupons (Target will let you use a Target coupon and a manufacturers coupon on the same item.)
· Price matching at Walmart. Check your other grocery store ads and Walmart will match the sale price.
· Expired coupons can be donated to the military, they can use them in the commissary for 6 months after expiration date
· If you choose not to use a coupon while in the store, leave it on the shelf, coupon fairy!
· Always do the math, sometimes buying the store brand is still cheaper than using a coupon on a name brand.
· Don’t buy something you wouldn’t normally buy just because you have a coupon
· If you have never used coupons before, just start with one or two. That savings will still add up!

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